How did I get into this industry?

Like other people before me, I sort of fell into the learning industry. It wasn't a planned event, at school I was given the standard list of good jobs but becoming and instructional designer wasn't one of them. I guess I had a knack at talking to people and supporting them and I got a kick out of seeing people learn something new. I've always enjoyed working with new technology so to bring this into my learning career makes my work fun and keeps me focussed on better ways to innovate learning outcomes.

I've been on this learning and development journey for over 10 years. I love learning because of its power to transform people.  

Marcus Rummler, Director




Cyber security and finance elearning with Articulate Storyline 360.

Toyota Fin Services.png

Toyota Financial Services

Finance software elearning and Quick Reference Guides.



Cultural awareness elearning for New Zealand call centre staff.


NSW health

Face to face training delivered across NSW for a new recruitment system.